Michelin Tyres has been a primary supporter of the North Island Endurance Series since we started almost 7 years ago.

“We are a tyre company. A lot of our customers use our service for all aspects of racing and support us. Sponsoring the series is a way of giving back to them, to the class and the categories as well”, director Wayne Scott said.

If you are on the track you will see Wayne and his team at the track 100% of the time, they go to test days and races traveling up and down the island for different racing events. “This is probably one of the best job to have to follow a sport that you enjoy and being involved”, Wayne said.

Michelin tyres offer all kind of services at the track, as well as supplying the tyres they are always on the track to offer the fitting service for the driver and the crew and offering advice on what set up and pressure is best. They offer the full service. “People see us at the track, see the cars, what they are driving and they come and ask for advice, everyone who is at the track can come to us for advice. We are always there for a chat and to socialize”.

If you need expert advice, you can send an email to wayne@tracktyres.co.nz or find them at the track and have a chat with them.

Thanks Michelin Tyres for your continued support to the series!

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