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Futura Trailers on board as sponsors in 2021!

If you don’t know much about Futura Trailers, they are a great New Zealand manufacturing story. Designed and built in Futura’s Auckland production facility, the trailers harness both kiwi ingenuity and our high standard of build quality to deliver lowering trailers that are proving to be very popular, not just here in Futura’s home market, but all around the world. They now have thousands of satisfied customers in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and the UK (see testimonials here) and if you appreciate great design and great engineering, it’s very easy to see why Futura are so well respected.

The concept was developed by keen racer and NIERDC competitor, Glen Reid, years ago as a way to get more track time and the design has evolved into one of the most advanced and dependable lowering trailers in the world. It’s awesome that Futura give back to the sport, sponsoring drivers and events at all levels, but even more importantly they are employers of kiwis and heavily promote New Zealand’s skilled engineering and ingenuity to the world.

Over 34 million people have viewed Ken Block try to rip his Futura Trailer in half on his Gymkhana 10 video and he openly promotes the quality and engineering of Futura Trailers. Watch videos here.

If you need a high-quality lowering trailer made in New Zealand, by New Zealanders, be sure to check out just how Futura Trailers will save you time and energy at the track, be sure to check out: Futura Trailers or www.futuratrailers.com

A HUGE Thank you to Futura Trailers, your ongoing support leads to the success and enjoyment of the series!

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