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2024 calendar and $60,000 prize pool revealed

Each of the three 2024 one-day North Island Endurance Series events will share a total prize money pool of $60,000, spread over the 1-hour and 3-hour races, both of which will be broadcast live.

To provide a quality ‘one-day’ event format, there will be a combined class 1-hour race and the feature 3-hour race, plus two 20-minute official practices and a further two 15-minute qualifying sessions for each race format.

Each of the three circuits has advised that they will also run an unofficial Friday practice day preceding each race day.

The NIERDC Series starts on Saturday, the 4th of May, at Hampton Down’s, followed by Taupo on Saturday, the 25th of May, with the grand finale being held at Manfeild on Saturday, the 8th of June.

The 1-hour race will be for NZ Endurance Championship Classes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Class 3 includes FIA GT4 category cars.

The 3-hour race will be for NZ Endurance Championship classes, GT4, GT3 and Class 1, for eligible open-class cars.

The 3-hour race will also incorporate the Michelin Am-Am trophy, a GT4 category trophy, and a new Porsche Trophy.

Any two of the three NIERDC 1-hour and 3-hour races race meetings will also count toward the 2024 New Zealand Endurance Championship, as do any two of the three 2024 SIERDC race meetings.

GR8, run by Gary Lathrope and Rachael Murray, has been appointed as the category manager for the NIERDC Series.

Email your expression of interest to:  gary@gr8events.co.nz

For further information: 
Contact Gary Lathrope at +64-27-452-2991 or Rachael Murray at +64-21-999-664

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  • December 6, 2023
  • Steff Chambers

    January 19th 2024

    Can you tell me what class an 01 996 cup would be put in?

    • matt@velocitynews.co.nz

      January 30th 2024

      Hi Steff- please email Greg Sandilands at Sandilands@xtra.co.nz and he’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Cheers!

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