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How do the classes with NIERDC work?

The Golden Holmes North Island Endurance Series has a wide range of vehicles competing from all walks of life whether it’s a factory- built Audi R8 FIA GT3 car or a Honda Civic competing,  both the 1 Hour & 3 Hour are broken up into classes to recognise cars that have done a good job but they are unlikely to beat a factory FIA GT3 car.


Even though the Golden Holmes North Island Endurance Series has an All-Commers style anything goes rulebook there are a few cars that currently do not qualify. So, let’s go through some of these cars so you could avoid some awkward moments.

Cars that do not qualify are listed in the Motorsport NZ Articles are Single Seaters, Open Cockpit sports cars i.e. Radical SR3’s, Juno CN’s etc Closed cockpit Prototype Sports Cars like i.e. Daytona Prototype any LMP1, 2 or 3 cars, Saker’s or Mossler’s are forbidden in this series.

Space Frame Saloons that don’t have OEM style doors, bonnets, boot’s, bumpers etc like Trans Am’s style cars are also forbidden. A list of non-qualified vehicles is stated in the Motorsport NZ Approved Sanctioned Articles which are available on Motorsport NZ and Golden Holmes North Island Endurance Series websites. Organisers of the Series may at their own decision are entitled to forbid any other vehicles in their opinions not suitable for the series if you are unsure then it’s best to get in touch with the Series.    

cLASS 3 0-200

Our entry level class is the 0-2000 class each vehicle must be a monocoque designed chassis and must not exceed 2000cc rating. Hondas are very popular in this class as well as Toyota 86’s but we have also seen during the years a Subaru BRZ, BMW E30 and even a 2K Cup car have contested the series in Class 3. Apart from the engine size and chassis design anything else is open which means Slick Tyres are permitted as well as Aero as long as they comply with Motorsport NZ Schedule A.

CLASS 2 2001CC-3500CC

The next step up is Class 2 which the engine cc range must be 2001cc to 3500cc this class is very popular for Rotaries & 2.0 Litre Turbos due to Motorsport NZ rules stating they have to times their cc rating by 1.7 for turbo & 1.8 for rotary powered vehicles. In recent times we have seen TCR cars race in this class.


This Class is for homebuilt cars with no engine restrictions as long as they still have a monocoque chassis and meet MSNZ Schedule A, there are no other restrictions. This class has a wide range a vehicles from modified Ford Falcon & Holden Commodore TL Spec NZV8s, V8 Utes BMW M3 V8’s  to hybrids such as the Collins Motorsport Ford Mustang & the DFM Audi A5 V8 in recent years Porsche 996 Carrera Cup cars have been allowed to compete on the condition they still have a H-pattern gear boxes. 


Now we are starting to leave New Zealand homebuilt cars and enter the top class for the 1Hour race. European factory-built race cars Porsche 997 & 991 Carrera Cup cars are very popular however we still have a wide range of diversity with other GT3 Challenge cars such as Ferrari 488,458 & 430 Challenge Cars. Space frame construction saloons fit into this class with Pre2012 V8 Supercars, V8 Super Tourers and Mitchell Race Extreme Built TLX BNT V8’s as well as any FIA GT4 or any other car deemed suitable by the Series.


Now we have reached the highest class of the series in fact this class is so high that these cars are strictly forbidden to competing in the 1Hour Race meaning they can only race in the 3hour.

Vehicles that compete in this class are FIA GT3 cars over the years we have seen Tulloch Motorsport  Chevrolet Camaro GT3, the TFM Ferrari 458 GT3 and the International Motorsport Audi R8 GT3 to name a few. However, this class also caters for Car of the Future generation V8 Supercars, that’s right if you want to buy a current V8 Supercar or a current Dunlop Super 2 Car you will also be placed in this category.


So hopefully we have answered some questions on which class you should be fitting into however is your vehicle has some grey area then it’s best to get in contact with the Series so we make you fit  into the right Class.

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