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Smith and de Veth do enough to win 1hr title in Qualifying

Qualifying for the final round of the 2021 North Island Endurance Series has taken on Saturday 26th June at Pukekohe Park Raceway.

Brendan Murphy took their second pole of the season in their Seat Leon Supercopa setting a time of 1:19.862 in the wet conditions at Pukekohe. Ken Hunter scored pole position in Class 1 driving his Chevrolet Lumina where he will start second on the grid with a laptime of 1:21.134.

But the biggest upset was the V8 Ute of Stu Monteith and Brett Rudd managed to put their Holden Commodore in third position posting a time of 1:21.675.

Scott Smith and Shaun van Beers will start fifth overall and second in Class 2 setting a laptime of 1:22.250 while Shane Parsons and Lindsay Lyons will start seventh overall and first in Class 3 in their Honda CR-X setting a laptime of 1:14.116 with Mark Mallard and Callum Hedge second in Class 3 setting a laptime of 1:25.309 to put them ninth overall.

With a rule change between Rounds 3&4 that Round 4 could now be used as a drop round and because John de Veth and Glenn Smith has taken all three races to date it would mean it would be unlikely anything could deny them a second straight title.

So when they scored Pole Position it confirmed them as the 1Hr Overall and GT-A Champions for 2021. John Midgley scored Pole Position for GT-B and second Overall setting a Laptime of 1:12.150 with Tim Edgell second in GT-B and third overall in his Holden Commodore VE V8ST setting a laptime of 1:12.593.

While Lochlainn Fitzgerald Symes scored his fourth straight Pole Position for GT-C setting a laptime of 1:13.099 putting him fifth on the grid it wasn’t enough to stop Sean Kirkpatrick and James Webb wining GT-C where they qualified sixth outright.

Gene Rollinson qualified first in Class 2 and eight overall setting a laptime of 1:15.005 but he must ensure that if Rhys Gould wins Class 2 for the race that he finishes second in Class in win Class 2.

While Tony Anderson has qualified first in Class 1.

In the 3Hour Alex Riberas and Darren Kelly have qualified first in GT-A and Overall setting a laptime of 1:08.283 while Andrew Fawcett and Sam Fillmore will start second with a 1:09.502

Jono Lester have qualified fifth overall and first in Class 1 setting a laptime of 1:13.584 with Stephan Harrison and Shane Murland qualifying first in GT-B

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