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 Driver profile: Brent Forman

Brent is relatively new to motor racing , however “let’s say I’m one of the more mature drivers in this race”, ticking the oldest age group box on the entry form” he said.  Brent has always been a track enthusiast, an original Hampton GT member, he’s driven a few Targa Tours and have keenly raced the last 3 years in the BMW Race Driver Series which includes both sprint and endurance series.

Brent Forman races a 2017 McLaren 570 S GT4 factory race car in the 1Hour race. It was his first-time racing with NIERDC at Hampton Downs where he finished 3rd in GT-C and 11th Overall. This is the first race for the car in New Zealand after only arriving in March. It is straight out of the European Pure McLaren GT4 race series after an update to current specification at McLaren Automotive UK.

He’s been an owner of several McLaren road cars since 2016 and also currently have a 720s spider which he loves. He drove a 650s McLaren in the 2016 Targa Tour. Plus 100’s of laps as a Hampton/ Highlands member and countless track sessions with his friends at Downforce.

He’s a solo driver in the one hour with his son John as car controller and MacKenzie Motorsport supporting and running the car. He’s looking forward to have some fun in the two remaining events, “shipping and logistics have meant we are very short of spare parts , wheels and equipment. Everything is taking forever to ship from UK with Suez Canal blockage and delays we have had to borrow and make do. So getting to the finishing line, will be great”

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