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Ken Hunter talks about his experience in the 2hour race

We’ve received lots of positive comments about the new 2hour clubmans’ race. Last week we talked to Ken Hunter about his experience and this is what he said:

“I had lots of fun. The race was very well organized and the compulsory 3 minute pitsop made the life a lot easier and fair to all people involved. What it was nice about the 2hour race was that there were a lot of different make vehicles but all in the same speed clause, it was really really enjoyable!”.

I’ve done some of the 1hour and 3hour races before but my car is not one of the fastest, so the 2hour race was better and more in line with our kind of vehicle and our speed around the track. It was a lot more entertaining!

I would love to see a whole lot more cars competing, we only had 11 vehicles for the first round and it should be a lot more than that. It’s really enjoyable. I do recommend it to other competitors!

What makes it nice for people that is on a budget like me, is that you don’t have to have all the gear to set up for the refueling because you have a compulsory 3 minutes pitstop so it means you don’t have to rush. It’s easier and fair for everbody, especially for people that don’t have a lot of money or big rig set ups to refuel and change tyres at a speed.

My expectations for the season is to have a lot of fun. I’m not expecting to win anything, I’m just expecting to have lots of fun. Hopefully there will be more cars on the track next week and we will have heaps of fun racing!.”

Ken hunter led the initial stages of the race at the season opener in Pukekohe racing his Chevrolet Lumina and raced of into distance from David Grigor in second and Parsons/Lyones in third.He was first at one stage 16 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed but a faulty oil pressure sensor brought his race to an end at 1.35h.

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