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Competitor Announcement: Lance Hughes

BNT V8’s race Lance Hughes will once again race his Holden Commodore VE TLX in the North Island Endurance Series.

However, since his regular co-driver Andre Heimgartner is understandably unavailable due to Supercars commitments and Border restrictions Lance will instead turn his attention to the 1Hour race.

It will be very interesting how Lance will go with the likes of Tim Edgell and John Midgley. However, his Hamilton Motorsport crew will also looking after his second Holden Commodore VE TLX car which will also be racing in the 1hour race the same car Jack Smith and Andre Heimgartner have clamed BNT V8’s Championships in.

Who will be driving the second Hamilton Motorsport Holden Commodore VE you may wonder? you will have to wait till the next Competitor Announcement.  In the meantime, you will have to guess!

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