Harris Race Radios was created out of frustration being unable to purchase or rent good quality Motorsport Radio Communications equipment at reasonable prices. 

Founders Rex and Aaron Harris are qualified expert Motorsport Radio Engineers, and Motorsport Race Engineers and define themselves as “racers who support other racers”.

They supply world class professional radio communications and data management to endurance race teams from the pits to the racing cars and back and “Race Radio” which is race critical information from race control, direct to the race teams.

The team provides at the track backup in a number of ways Motorola Radios, Aim Dash’s and Data systems, lap timers and driver aids, PDM’s, the best helmets designed with communications systems that works, Roux and Stilo, all the protective clothing FreeM made in Italy, driver cooling systems FAST and Top Air, Driver ID lights, and all of the parts, cords, plugs etc that the teams brake or forget.

They also offer driver light systems that allow commentators to know which one of the drivers are driving the car at any time and they have 3 systems in stock to offer to NIES’s competitors:

  1. Simple green light in the window that is manually switched on by the driver in the car. Click here to find out more
  2. Automatic electronic system that switches the light on when the driver plugs his or her helmet into the pull ring system this activates the correct light.
  3. Automated system that activates both the light and also automatically tells the AMB timing system which driver is in the car, giving the commentators and those looking at the live timing screen full information on driver status. Click here to find out more

They are easy to install and prices start at $86.30+gst and go up to full professional system at $1500.00+ and everything in between.

If you are interested in getting a driver light set up visit Harris Race Radios’s website or contact:

Aaron Harris – 027 449 9654

Rex Harris – 021 682912

When it comes to Motorsport, Harris Race Radios has the latest car racing radios, cabling, parts Etc. these are the best quality as well as value for money.

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