About the NIERDC (North Island Endurance Racing Drivers Club)


Welcome to the North Island Endurance Racing Drivers Club. Great to have you join one of the fastest growing sports and clubs in NZ.  We have been lucky enough to see tremendous growth of our series and club to the extent that we are now one of the larger car clubs in NZ

About the series

The NIERDC was formed in 2013 to bring back endurance driving to the North Island. The original focus of the event was to be based on driver’s needs and wants and to that end a survey was sent out to drivers to gauge their interest and a relationship formed with the very successful South Island Series. 

Today we have seen the success of the series grow from 22 cars in a combined 1 & 3 hour race to now full grids with 147 cars competing over the series. 

The club is mandatory for all drivers who enter the series, a club committee of Kel McBeath, David and Karen Dovey and Greg Sandilands working with ROCs to ensure that, what was the original intent, to be driver focused series, is continued. 

The relationship with the South Island club has allowed for an aligned approach to endurance racing and therefore the development of a national series could be created. The first combined national championship is to be held on March 12 2016. 

The clubs focus is to ensure that the regulations are driver focused, allow driver in put through surveys, aligned with the South Island Series and to put on enjoyable event for all involved, engage sponsors to add value to the driver experience 

Have a look at some of the video footage to find out more on https://youtu.be/9DEt82z6rGE

 Want to help?

We always love to hear from anyone either driver, team member or partner who would like to help out at a meetings so if interested please email karen@exceed.co.nz or phone 0274995604 

Want to sponsor?

We try to provide as much benefit as we can to our sponsors via emailed newsletters, branding at track displays, Facebook and website profiles, so if you would like to offer prizes or cash contact david@exceed.co.nz or phone 0274 436100

About the Sponsors 

Mahindra, ENOES from 2017

Media Release

23 December, 2016

 Nichibo’s Eneos Oil brand confirmed as naming rights sponsor of the North Island Endurance Series

 New Zealand’s largest automotive distributor, Nichibo, has confirmed it will transfer its existing sponsorship of the North Island Endurance Series from the Mahindra brand to Eneos oil.

 Both Mahindra and Eneos are global brands distributed nationally by Nichibo Japan Trading and the series’ leadership group have been closely consulted, welcoming the change in naming sponsorship of what is rapidly becoming one of New Zealand’s premier race series.
The change of sponsorship is born purely out of new opportunity for a new brand within the Nichibo stable; one with extremely strong motorsport credentials.

 “Nichibo secured the national distribution for Japan’s number 1 oil brand, Eneos earlier in the year and with strong heritage in Super GT and World Superbikes, the fit with the North Island Endurance Series was obvious” Says Nichibo’s Director, Robert Young.

 “Mahindra in New Zealand continues to grow from strength to strength and is one of the fastest growing automotive brands of 2016. We’re extremely proud to have been associated with the North Island Endurance Series with the Mahindra brand and the exposure generated for that brand has been incredible. We’d now like to replicate that with Eneos and promote its range of high performance automotive lubricants, top-level motorsport really is the ideal forum to do that.” Continues Young.

 In the spirit of transparency, Nichibo consulted the North Island Endurance Series around the proposed transfer in October with both parties excited about the new Eneos partnership for the 2017-2018 season, beginning May, 2017.
“From our side, our main consideration was the potential impact on our competitors and logistically how the change in branding would be managed.” Said North Island Endurance Series Board Chairman, Kel McBeath.

 “From the outset we want to assure the competitors that despite a change in brand, it’s still the same parent company. The value Nichibo see in the series remains strong and they are all too pleased to extend involvement with a new brand from their portfolio. Secondly, it’s been a discussion around systematically introducing the new branding while mitigating the impact to those competitors.” Said McBeath
“We’re extremely fortunate to enjoy very open dialogue with Nichibo, they understand our need to look after the competitor’s interests and work with us on managing those expectations. It’s a very positive partnership with a company genuinely passionate about motorsport and the growth of our series.”

 The Mahindra sponsorship will remain on North Island cars competing in the final National Endurance Championship round in March and the new Eneos Naming rights sponsorship will begin with the first round of the 2017-2018 North Island Endurance Series at Taupo, May 20th 2017.