Need a car to race for the championship or the series? 

To Buy: 
BA falcon ex NZV8, a well known competitor in the endurance series, with David and Matt Dovey racing it over the last few years
Affectionately know as Katlyn the Foudi, Shes's up spec'ed and ready to rock and rumble for you, are you ready to take herout onto the track straight away! 
Trade me listing for the cars. Click here to r email David or phone 0274 436100 or check out trademe at 

To Lease or buy

Warwick Mortimer would like to lease their BMW M3 GT4 to a driver for the series next year.
As you know the car has won more of the series with Andre and Dane Cameron and myself than most other cars have had birthdays.
It all Dinan new engine, gearbox etc 18 wheels etc. Race history is great  with Bathurst 12 hour etc
They are happy to lease , or they could be tempted to sell if the money was right.
Give Warwick Mortimer an email  or call on 0064 9 422 9650 or 0064 21917005,


Very fast and very Light on the gear this is a perfect Enduro car with Honda's legendary reliability. It would be very easy to develop the car further with lots of weight able to be removed and as it is still running standard engine and standard brakes there are plenty of seconds to be gained or just run it as it is and enjoy trouble free racing and plenty of fun!! 

Turn key and ready to race tomorrow!! Get your entry in for the NIERDC / SIERDC or perfect for Honda Cup! 

check out the trademe site of 

Endurance Championship Articles for North Island Round and a draft prgram of events. 

Important to note that three hour cars will be qualifying on Friday 23rd March

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How to become a member , or renew your membership. 

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Understanding the Driver Status

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Understanding the classes

Constitition of NIERDC


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