Whittaker wins the title one hour.pdf Whittaker wins the title one hour.pdf
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Simons, 3 hour series winners 2017.pdf Simons, 3 hour series winners 2017.pdf
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 Results from North island Eneos Endurance Series in Taupo May 20th 2017 

Video footage from Fast Files with full coverage and the one and three hour races 

 The 1hr race is here:


 3hr race is here:


The full 8hrs 21min is here:


reults from Taupo.pdf reults from Taupo.pdf
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class results.pdf class results.pdf
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New to endurance? 

Need to remember what happens at the track? 

Attached is a booklet that will provide an outline of key activities, draft time tables and key points to remember when entering the endurance series.  

This does not really change year to year, you only need to keep an eye open for the Regulations for each round which come out just before racing. 

Got a newsletter?

Competitor information is always emailed out as a mailchimp newsletter. If you have not received anything four weeks before a meeting check your "clutter" box. If there transfer to your inbox so it will appear there next time. If you have not received anything please email karen@exceed.co.nz to be added. 

To all Teams: 

Please be aware of the  MANZ Code of Practice Fuel. Here is a link so you can ensure you are aware of your obligations with fuel handling 


This will be monitored during the meeting and mentioned at drivers briefings 



You can follow all of the updates on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Island-Endurance-Series/681567171873811 - so make sure you 'like' the site and that will guarantee you get all the updates and the news as it happens.

Drivers can register for the series on www.motorsportentry.com. Click on items for sale on the home page.

Documents below relate to your clubs constitution from 2013 

NIERDC Constitution.pdf NIERDC Constitution.pdf
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